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Control Reports will benefit those companies that are needing reports of their Evolution information in a non-editable, uniquely designed PDF version. The reports are generated into a CSV format as well for easy editing. The reports contain the Evolution Agent of who did the change, as well as the computer, the owner of a company can view what their employees are doing. Example of the reports that could be generated are as follows:

  1. Open Sales Orders (Saved/Unprocessed Sales Orders)
  2. Evolution Agent changes
  3. Price List Amount changes
  4. Discount added to the a specified transaction, either via the document level or transaction line

The company is then able to send the reports via Email (SMTP) to other members of the company to look over. The reports can be sent at different times of the month.

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  • Allows a user to choose what reports they would like created.
  • At setup the user specifies who the reports should be sent to.
  • The reports can be specified to be sent at different dates.
  • The application creates a PDF version of the report and a CSV version for easy filtering.
  • The managers are able to see what their colleagues are discounting, changing, etc.

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