Evolving the way Security Companies manage their billing

We sought out to find a solution for a large security company, who had particular requirements that no accounting package could fulfil. This is how we came to develop Evolve and our application helped build a bridge between their accounting package and their billing requirements.

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What software it runs off


Our application has 6 different functions, each for an individual purpose.

  1. Annuity billing is able to create the invoice and transactions depending on the contract that you have with your clients. Each contract has the ability to be personalized according to your user defined fields, making the value very specific. Anniversary dates of the contracts are as you want it per client. Depending on parameters each client will have an emailed tax invoice specifically designed to be the best fit between quality and email size as emailing large quantity of documents can add huge strain on one’s infrastructure. You will also have the choice to send the invoice or not, if you have a sub-contractor that has their own client base that they bill directly, this will use what is called linked accounts to achieve this. This system will generate one invoice with all those clients allocated to this subcontractor.
  2. Price updater is able to show you all the clients through filtering (group, item code and month) on your system that need to be increased and you have the ability to update the client’s bill value by a % price update all from this program.  Or you can export the client lists and edit the prices on an excel sheet with the new pricing and then import this back into the program.
  3. Debit order File has the ability to show you which of your clients are debit order clients. This program will automatically create a debit order file for your bank. We find this run to be very important in terms of the consolidation of multiple clients. An example; if you have 100 individual stores for one national client with different accounts and billing but in the end they require one debit order to save on costs as each debit order run costs money this can be consolidated into one. The debit order run will also pick up the radio license fee per client.
  4. Ad-Hoc work to Debit Order. The system allows you to add other non-monthly billing to the debit order run like upgrades, repairs and or new installations can be added to debit orders.
  5. Debit order receipting For all debit order clients a receipt will be created and allocated to that debit order invoice. When you receive the rejection file of all debit orders this can be imported to do a reversal of the initial automated receipt.
  6. Bank fee Invoices, If your company policy is to charge each client a debit order rejection fee, the rejection file can be imported to auto create the journal or invoice to recoup this bank charge from the clients.
  7. PDF Statement Generator and PDF Invoice Generator, allows you to generate multiple statements or invoices at one time. You are able to select the month you wont to send to and email large volumes at one time. You are able to customize your email message and send to your clients this way.

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