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Simple Stock Management was designed for companies that required a stock management system on the go. The application is setup on a windows compact mobile barcode scanner device. The barcode scanning device is linked to a web service that links to your Pastel Evolution Company. This allows the barcode scanning device to have live data of your company. Once the data has been captured on the barcode scanning device, it is sent to a desktop application to allow an administrator user to either process a transaction, edit the data for the transaction or delete the transaction.

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What software it runs off


Requires the SDK to do transactions


  • The Barcode scanner allows the user to easily capture the barcodes.
  • The Barcode Scanner allows for users to make less Human Errors. For example, every ones hand writing is different, and due to that users cannot read the barcodes that were captured.
  • The desktop application allows for the administrators to see what is being captured and to make sure it is all correct before making changes in Evolution.
  • Some of the following tasks you can do on the mobile device:
    1. Capturing quantities of a GRV
    2. Doing a Warehouse Transfer
    3. Capturing Stock Take
    4. Capturing Fixed Assets

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