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Simple way to explain web service is:

  • A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the World Wide Web.
  • It can be called a process that a programmer uses to communicate with the server
  • To invoke this process programmer can use SOAP etc.
  • Web services are built on top of open standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP

The advantage of a web service is, say you develop one piece of code in .net and you wish to use JAVA to consume this code. You can interact directly with the abstracted layer and are unaware of what technology was used to develop the code.

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What software it runs off

Form of Application:  Add-On Application
Web Services are designed to suite your company’s needs, they are not restricted to any software. Meaning we look at your company, how it functions and we design the web service according to what you (the company owner) require the web service to do.


Here is a unique example/ feature of a web service.


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