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Everything you need to know about effectively running a compliant payroll office.

  • The A to Z on effectively running the payroll office.
  • All you need to know about the Acts that govern payroll.
  • Company policy and the responsibility of the payroll administrator.
  • Termination procedures.
  • Reconciling tax and performing your own payroll audit.

NB: This module encompasses only the theory (legislation), not the practical system application.

NB: You will need an Internet connection to access this book

A fundamental course for every Sage Pastel Payroll & HR user.

  • How to create your payroll company and ensuring that it is set up correctly the first time round.
  • How to create and link cost centres, pay points, job codes and occupations.
  • How to create employees and maintaining employee data.
  • Setting up, adjusting and processing of leave and leave taken.
  • How to set up a payslip for an employee and ensuring that all the statutory transactions are entered.
  • Capturing overtime and other additional payment information.
  • Understanding and changing transactions to suit specific processing requirements.
  • Setting up and processing electronic bank transfers (EFTs).
  • How to print the payslips.
  • Which reports to print at month end.

NB: You will need an Internet connection to access this book

This comprehensive eLearning course continues on from the Basic Software course and covers:

  • Exporting and Importing data to your Sage Pastel Payroll & HR software.
  • Setting up and processing of retirement funding for pension or provident funds or retirement annuity.
  • Creating your own transaction code to customise the software to your specific needs.
  • Capturing Year-to-Date figures for employees.
  • Batch transactions – allowing you to capture income, leave or deduction transactions for multiple employees, saving you precious time.
  • Creating passwords and Security Groups, helping you to protect your payroll and employee information.

NB: You will need an Internet connection to access this book

On completion of this eLearning module, learners will be able to:

  • Access the HR section of the SPP & HR software.
  • Synchronise Payroll information with the HR and vice versa to avoid duplication of work.
  • Create asset registers and allocate the assets to specific employees.
  • Setup training plans and reports, capture internal and external training information for SETA submissions
  • Setup KPA’s and KPI’s for employees and create a comprehensive performance management system.
  • Create records of disciplinary procedures and outcomes.
  • Have quick access to the correct forms and documents for disciplinary action & timeline of offences with suggested outcomes for specific offences such as written warning.
  • Access multiple HR reports for the HR manager or company managers.

NB: You will need an Internet connection to access this book

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