Sage Pastel Evolution Standard Training at Pastel

Note: Training at Pastel is always on the latest version of the product.

EPCU - LU1 - Practitioner (USER TRAINING)

  • Overview: This comprehensive training course will give you a broad overview on how to use your Sage Evolution Standard software.
  • Target Learners: If you have a well-established accounting background and/or accounting qualification and want to learn how to use the Sage Evolution Standard accounting software, this course is for you.
  • Duration: This is a five day (30 hour) course.
  • Delivery Methods: The delivery methods include Facilitated workshops

Self Study

Evolution Standard Certified User (EPCU) Training CourseDaysClassroomSelf-Study Manual
Learning Unit 1: EPCU- Practioner
Evolution Standard Premium Learning Unit 1: EPCU Practitioner5R 8400R 3 300
Individual Core Modules for Leaning Unit 1: EPCU DaysClassroomSelf-Study Manual
General Ledger1R 2000R 850
Accounts Receivable1R 2000R 850
Accounts Payable1R 2000R 850
Inventory1R 2000R 850
Order Entry1R 2000R 850
Evolution Standard Certified Professional (EPCU) Training CourseDaysClassroomSelf-Study Manual
Learning Unit 2: EPCU- Product consultant
Evolution Standard Learning Unit 2: EPCU Product Consultant4R 6 800R 2 750
Individual Core Modules for Leaning Unit 2: EPCUDaysClassroomSelf-Study Manual
Bill of Material (BOM)1R 2 000R 850
Fixed Assets1R 2 000R 850
Multi-Currency0.5R 1 750R 850
Multi-Warehousing0.5R 1 750R 850
Point of Sale (POS)0.5R 1 750R 850
Bank Manager0.5R 1 750R 850
Debtors Manager0.5R 1 750R 850
CRM Basic1R 2 000R 850
Pricing Matrix0.5R 1 750R 850
Serial Number Tracking0.5R 1 750R 850
Voucher Management0.5R 1 750R 850
Mobile Sales1R 2 000R 850

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