Forms Design

All accounting software comes with a default set of forms which print to Customer and Supplier documents, PDFs (required when e-mailing quotations, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) and monthly documents (statements and remittance advices).  Default forms are plain and carry the same or similar design across the different documents.  Forms Design allows for the customisation of these documents.

What are the benefits of having my forms customised?

In addition to the obvious benefits as illustrated above, you are able to use your documents as a powerful media tool by adding clickable links that will take your customers/suppliers through to your website, Facebook page, linkedin or twitter account.

Add your company logo and additional information about your organisation.
Advertise your specials or promotional offers as and when you run them.
Add or remove fields from the document headers.
Highlight important information that you would like to draw the customer/supplier’s attention to.

Forms that can be individually customised are listed below:

Customer forms

  • Sales order (Pro Forma)
  • Quotation
  • Picking slip
  • Delivery note
  • Customer invoice
  • Credit note
  • Deposit slip
  • Statement
Supplier Forms

  • Purchase Order
  • Good received voucher
  • Supplier invoice
  • Return to supplier
  • Remittance advice




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